Nearly midsummer!

Hej mina älsklingar!
Midsummer is approaching and I'm back in Mönsterås for the summer. I finished my first year at the Uni, feels good. Now I've started working at the ferry terminal. It seems like a great job! There are about 35 people working there, and most of them are young and very nice. During the first week I've learnt how to use the booking system on the computer, had a risk and fire course and we went on the ferry to Gotland, Sweden's largest island. 
I have to say that I miss Lund. It feels strange to move back home to my dad, but I have to do so during the summer, in order to save money. I'm totaly broke after buying the flying ticket to CR, but it's worth every penny!
On the 7th of June there was an election for the European Union Parliament. We had a big campain with my anti-racist group in Lund, encouraging people not to vote on the racist party. And luckily that party didn't get enough votes to get in.
Besides our roadtrip from Skåne to Jokkmokk I haven't so much planned for the summer. I'm working most of the time. On midsummer's eve I'm going to an old friend for dinner. I'm going to miss you guys sooo much that day. That was one of the happiest days with you all! Promise me we will dance "Små grodorna" for old time's sake in December! :D
I love you, my dearest friends!


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