Imperial in Heredia one year ago

Do you remember that evening? I sure do, especially today, since it's my 23rd birthday and exaclty one year ago you all gave me my best birthday ever. Therefore I wanted to share some photos with you! I have not forgot about the blog and I will be better at updating it from now on... since I think it's so nice to read about what you have been up to as well!

Best birthday cake ever, thanks Marce's family :)

Beautiful girls

Is Mau freezing?

Happy counterparts

Even more happy conuterparts


Who's hand?

Thank you everybody! I love you

Postat av: Helene

Grattis Anna! Hoppas du får en superfin dag! Puss saknar dig!

2011-01-05 @ 15:11:49
Postat av: Marce

Can you come back?? I promise we will celebrate it again!!! :D

I didn't see these pictures before...hmmmm, bad bad Anna! ;)

Feliz cumpleaños amiga!!!

2011-01-05 @ 15:25:47
Postat av: Frida

I remember it very well. Snälla, kan vi åka tillbaka snart igen???


PUSS, saknar dig

2011-01-05 @ 20:21:35

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