What happend the third year at the uni!

I just want to update you about what has happend in my life the last months... with some pictures. I can't believe this is my final semster at the Linnaeus University. Crazy, time has past so fast. I lovaeall of my friende here and the Campus life, even though I've started to look forward to come out to what we call "the reality" and start working, move to another town and do new things. But right now, I'm just trying to do the best of the time that is left. This week we started our thesis that we will work on for ten weeks, so now I'm really keeping myself busy!

How are you guys? Please put up some photos of your lives as well, I'm curious about what you are up to. I miss you, and I feel like coming back to Costa Rica soon, some day.

Hugs for all of you!

Fiesta party

Me and Sophie

My classmates

The most fancy party of the year

Me and Elin on stage, we got scholarships from the school

Some of my friends in my class


Well, most of the days look like this, writing papers and studying hard for exams

Just for you to know, normally life here is not this glamourous! Not at all :P

Take care!

Postat av: Marce

What a big surprise!!! :) i was so happy to see you wrote in the blog!

Miss you like hell...

Promise I'll write one of these days.


2011-03-29 @ 00:53:52
Postat av: frida

fint anna, jag ska också skriva snart! i helgen eller början på nästa vecka.


2011-04-01 @ 16:57:09
Postat av: Helene

Fina bilder!! Vad kul att se lite av ditt liv Anna! Tänk att du är klar snart! Puss vännen

2011-04-02 @ 11:52:46

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