Fofo på besök

A lot of things happend during that week. We atelot of food, good food, laughed and had a very cozy week itfelt like an extra vacation week for us even though we had started with our studies, we took the train to Copenhagen and Malmo, were we all were together (exept Olivia). Helene, Ivan, Marcus, Fofo and I went to a nature reserve and bathed, but Fofo never dared to jump in. The last night we went out, to a nation, a student place in Lund and showed how it usally is to party as a student. Here are some photos from the week.
På tåget från Stockholm till Lund på tåget till lund  Karin och fofo
On the train from Stockholm to Lund. In Lund we met:
Marcus. .Elsa, a friend of mine who i live with in a studentroom at the moment.
Alla samlade
Here we are, all together again =)
Anna came from Växjö to visit Fofo.
Outside the dome in Lund.
We went to the botanical garden and picked some berries, blackberry.
Welcome to Malmö
Here we are
Köpenhamn - Nyhavn.
The nature reserve, Hovs Hallar.

The last photo, eating as always...

Postat av: anna r

älskar er alla = love you all

2011-10-11 @ 20:50:00
Postat av: Helene

Wonderful!So good times! Miss you all! Les quiero mucho!

2011-10-11 @ 22:19:10
Postat av: Marce

Cositaaaas preciosas!!! :)

2011-10-12 @ 05:38:10
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