today its four months since we said goodbye...!

the time goes fast, faster every day. soon we are old and dead...


miss you all!

I have been thinking of you a lot the last days. Wishing that you were here or that I was there. I really want to go  back to CR. Thinking that I can't go until next year make me feel so bad. I don't want to wait so long before I can hug you all. I miss you so much and my family in Puerto Jiménez.

Yesterday I spooked  with my family I Puerto Jiménez. I haven't talked to  them on the phone since de last day before we flew to Sweden. It was so nice to hear their voices, hear how they were doing. I spooked almost with everyone also with Jafeth and Michell.  But my Spanish was so bad, I couldn't speak! They were so pleased that I called and asked me when I am coming back.

For the moment I work at my school where I studied before. I work in the library, helping students with work. Hopefully I'm going to continue with that next year too and just work at Arlanda during holidays.

View from my window 


Four seasons...

Part two of the reunion at Kärsön.

The Swedes have experienced all of the Swedish four seasons at this wonderful place, but at least I thought that the autumn with all it's beautiful colors surrounding Drottningholm bet everything.

It was really strange just being 4+1 out of eight Swedes and then I haven't even counted the ticos! We missed you all a lot but we still had a nice time together in our little crowd.
During the saturday we had a small vernisage for our final products, wich we all enjoyed since a lot of nice memories were brought up again :) Later we went for a walk to the castle just as the last time and played around in the leaves like crazy people.

After a delicious dinner as always at Kärsögåden we spent the evening with a small exercise about telling eachother our good qualities, we went up to the third floor at Gula villan "The dining hall" where Frida got very scared of the "ghost" that were "sneaking around". haha

Late in the night we felt asleep, of course everyone in the same room after some talking. During the sunday we had some optional lectures and we also took a walk along the water and laid down in the grass. In the afternoon we were just hugging, laying down  in the sun before a bus came to drive us to the centralstation and a final goodbye.

Lots of love to everyone and even more photos !

Que pavilla! :D

Reunion at Kärsögården!

Just the five of us

We miss you

A swan

Exams are approching

The autumn has arrived in Skåne, the mornings are really cold now and it's growing darker by each day. My first big exams in maths and chemistry are less than two weeks away, so I'm a bit stressed. I've also just moved to a new apartement together with my friend Sayran. We really like this place, though everything is a mess right now!
I went to the CIU reunion last week-end, it was wonderful to see Ivan, Frida, Anna and Anna again. I also drank a cup of coffee with Olivia in the afternoon sun yesterday! Spending time with you makes me so happy!
I think about all you guys a lot! I miss you so much and wish you were here with me!
I promise to be better at keeping in touch with you after my exams!  :)
Lots and lots of love, Helene

Our reunion!

I'm feeling so bad that nobody of us (swedish) have written at the blog about our reunion at chanchogordo. Every day I have been thinking today I'm going to write but then something else come in my way. So now I'm going to write a little. (and then I know that Anna is going to write about the rest!)

I have been  looking forward to this weekend since we said goodbye to each other the 26th of June.  The weekend came and I was so happy, but I couldn't realize that the a part of the group was coming to Stockholm for a few days. I was a little bit nervous the days before.  We hadn't met each other during three months after living close six months. And it is not the same talk on the phone or over internet. (but when I  met you everything felt like normal as if we hadn´t been away from each other)

Then it was the big day. I worked in the morning at the school and Ivan came at eleven with the train. Anna and Helene didn´t come until  9 30 pm. Ivan and I ate lunch at a good thairestaurant and saw a movie, Wall-E. When we came home to me we did Gallo pinto. My mum had cooked beans a few days earlier. When Helene and Anna came we ate and talked about memories until very late. We just slept four-five hours that night. In the morning we met Anna at the central station and took the bus with the other groups to chanchogordo...

During our reunion I started to think more about the program and our group again. I felt more that I miss everyone so much. I just want to start from the beginning so we can be together, it's  much easier to be with you then in the real world. Hope to see everyone soon somewhere and also hear from you!!!


Anna your turn....=)

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