Semana santa

Last weekend we had a big reunion at my place in Växjö. Five people crasched in my small appartement at campus and we had a lot of fun. Helene was the first one to arrive on Thursday and later we went into town to meet Emma and Frida at the trainstation. We had a lovely weather and we went to a greek restaurant to have dinner, before we took the walk back to campus. It was a wonderful night and we all appreciated to see each other again, since it was several months ago since the last time.

On Friday, we took a long walk around the lake, bought an icecream and did some shopping at the supermarket. Later Emma baked bread and we all prepared for the barbeque that we had later in the evening when Olivia finally joined us. We sat on a blanket on the hill outside my house until the sun set and it got too cold to be outside. Especially for Olivia who had forgot about the Swedish cool climate!

So we went in, had a glass of wine, watched a movie and talked all night long.

On Saturday we got up and some of us went to a shopping center to buy Olivia a new camera and stuff,  Emma and Frida went for another walk and prepared the eggs filled with candy wich they later hid in area around the castle. So when we got home we started searching for our eggs and I found mine first! yey

Later we had a delicious meal of traditional food before it was time to say goodbye to Olivia. Next person to leave was Emma, so Helene, Frida and me went home to dress up, have a drink and then take the bus into the city for a night out. We went to Oléo and danced a lot, took the bus home and decided to call some of the ticos. Sorry that we didn´t had time to call everyone. We talked to Fofo, Andrey and Eylin. It was so great and so strange to hear your voices, I kind of started to cry, when I realised how much I miss you guys. Everyone of you, Marcela I'll write you an email, and Emma has got me an Skype, so that we could be better at keeping in touch!

I think we went to sleep after five o'clock in the morning, so tired and Helene went to take the train early in the morning so Frida and I decided to sleep a little longer :) Later that Sunday even Frida and I had to say goodbye and I got very lonely :(

It was a great weekend, lots of love to everyone, see you in December!

Frida will put up more photos from the reunion, especially from our eastern celebrations...


Sunny evening

Eating greek food

At the restaurant

Frida and me

Me, Frida and Emma

The lake

Frida and Emma in front of the castle


In the smoke


Bananas with chocolate

Looking for eggs

Partying at Oléo

Postat av: Anonym

frida du kan ju typ lägga upp på tratten, äggletande, äggmålande och pyssel osv!

2009-04-18 @ 22:56:21
Postat av: Frida


2009-04-18 @ 23:00:33
Postat av: Anonym

jag hoppas att du inte tog illa upp, tänk att vi tänker så lika <3 vi är nog tankeläsare, kindered spirits!

2009-04-18 @ 23:03:13
Postat av: Marce

OMG!!! I'm almost crying...When I read these things I realize how much I miss you girls!!!

I'm sooooo happy you had a great time.

I'll be waiting for the email :D

and hopefully we will talk by skype...


2009-04-19 @ 02:57:02
Postat av: Helene

Å vad fint! :) Saknar er alla!! Tomorrow I'm going to Helsingborg to talk about racism at a high school and then I'll meet Emma.. Besos!!

2009-04-19 @ 19:29:44

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