Fofex is not dead...

Hi everybody...My name is FOFO but people usually call me Rodolfo, I am 22 I from Costa Rica. (WTF?)
Here I am Writing on the blogg or at least saying present.
Here there are some pictures of a METAL  Concert     jajaja

                                             Me and a classmate

This guy is a singer from Blasfemia, a band from Honduras.

The guy with the horns sing is wearing a Marduk T-shirt from Sweden haha

Golgotha from CR....

Postat av: anna r

i want to see you smiling fofo! <3

2009-06-23 @ 18:42:46
Postat av: Marce

ah! y se llama alejandro. Yo lo conozco ja ja ja ja

2009-06-23 @ 21:55:53
Postat av: Helene

Mae! Casi como un chico mallo, pero en realidad esta mi bebe playo precioso! ;)Besos!

2009-06-24 @ 14:39:44

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