United colors of Swy Costa Rica 2008

The ultimate reunion during christmas and new years eve in 2009! Here we come... If you haven't already heard about it, me, Frida and Helene bought our tickets to Costa Rica earlier this week. I can't believe it, a lot of my saved money is gone but it's so totally worth it! I'll work hard all summer long thinking abou seeing you ticos in December. Vero - sis I'm coming back! - I don't think you visit our blog that very often - but you should :)

We will hopefully arrive on the 20th of December and I'm going back the 7th of January (because of school) but Hlene and Frida are staying a little longer... There are some rumors aswell saying that even Juana and Olivia will join us during christmas, ahhhh! It couldn't be better, well.... Ivan, Karin and Emma.... don't feel any pressure ;)

Love to everybody! pura vida. hasta luego.

Postat av: frida

jag blir gråtfärdig av att se det här!

2009-05-04 @ 09:30:26
Postat av: anna r

jag med... fattar fortfarande inte att vi ska åka

2009-05-04 @ 12:21:09
Postat av: frida

inte jag heller, det var ju därför jag smsade ;)

2009-05-04 @ 18:24:52
Postat av: Helene

tjohooooo!! Ticos, you have to start planning our big reunion party!!!

2009-05-04 @ 21:30:42
Postat av: Marce


2009-05-05 @ 05:03:57

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