You are always on my mind!

Dear Friends!

I started to look back in time, on our six months together. I read what we have written on the blog and in my diary, it was so nice to remember everything. Remember our friendship that we had and that we still have!! I remember our last days together, when we cried, laugh and hugged each other in a big circle. When we at 03.30 in the morning started to dance around the midsummer pole, singing "små grodorna" for the last time. 

I still miss you so much! Now when the spring is here i remember our time in Falun, when we were at kolgårn, played kubb and brännboll. When we saw Eurovision song contest at annas and veros house, do you remeber the spanish song? On Saturday it is Eurovision again. When we saw football together at arenan. Our educational days! I have so many happy memories with you!

You are my best friends! I never forget when we did the thing with Leo in Sundborn, when he talked about our friendship and we were in a circle and hold our hands. And then we turned around and he said that we still are going to have this friendship, but we are not going to be together anymore, that was hard to understand. When I think of it i feel sad. Now we are in that situation, we are so far away from each other but we still have contact, i am so happy of that!  i hope we continue in that way.

Now I don't know what to write. I just wanted to say hello and that I miss you all and you are always on my mind! Hope to hear from you soon!

Pussar och kramar!!!!!!!


Postat av: anna


2009-05-15 @ 10:45:02
Postat av: Marce

Oh yes!!! we still have it! And soon we will be almost all together

So, I have a suggestion: Why don't you challenge the others swedes to come with you??? ;)


2009-05-15 @ 15:56:58
Postat av: frida

we will try to take them with us!!!

2009-05-15 @ 19:26:37

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