Roadtrip in Sweden

For two weeks in august we have been traveling around in Sweden together visiting eachother. From the south in Ystad up to the north in Jokkmokk. We have seen many beautiful and different places, open landscapes, woods, lakes, seas, archipelago and mountain. Many paradise places!! We had a really full scedule, it was really funny and we kept smiling all the time.

I met Ivan in Norrköping and we drove down to Småland, to Mönsterås and picked up Helene. The car was really full with Ivans and Helenes things for Lund. First days we were in the south of Sweden, in Lund, Malmö and Ystad. We met Anna for fika in Malmö and spent some time in Karins house in Ystad. We went swimming in the sea and had a little private party together (Ivan, Karin, Helene and me).

The next day we went to Växjö and picked upp Olivia. We slept in Annas beautiful house in the woods in småland and walked around in the area were she grew up.

We went swimming again and jumped a lot.  We had a short visit in Helenes house and ate some dinner before we took the boat to Gotland.  

We went over the day to my summerhouse, Emma joined us but Karin and Anna went home from Visby. After that e slept 3 hours in Stockholm before the long way uop to Jokkmokk. We drove for about 15 hours.

Höga kusten bron
We (Olivia, Ivan, Helene and me) had some beatiful days up in the north outside jokkmokk in the beatuful nature with Ivans family. We went fishing, walking, swimming eating so much blueberries!!

After four days in jokkmokk we took the night train down to Falun, Olivia dodnt come with us she went down to Linköping. Emma came from stockholm joined us. We went to främby (framby had chanched!) and had some fika, our plan was to take a swim in Runn but it was too cold. We had a party on saturaday with some of the families; Ivans, Helenes and olivias eating a lot of food. On sunday we went to Sundborn with Olivias and helenes family. I also went up to my house visting my family.


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2009-09-12 @ 23:50:07
Postat av: anna


2009-09-13 @ 21:27:38
Postat av: Marce

I just realized how much i miss you all!!! ♥ nice to know you had a nice time, and some of you are still alive....pusses! ;)

2009-09-14 @ 15:54:05
Postat av: Anonym

miss you too!!!


2009-09-15 @ 19:44:08
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/ Frida

2009-09-15 @ 19:45:04
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I want to to write here but I do not know what´s wrong when I write the does not work


2009-09-17 @ 22:23:36

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