Puerto jimenez is still for me one of the most beautiful places on the earth

We had almoust a week in puerto jimenez, visiting our housrtfamilies. It was really nice and I wanted to stay longer, but we didnt have time. Next time i am going to stay longer. =) We went to Playa preciosa two days one day with my sister Angelica and the other day with Annas sister Mariella, its still so beautiful.
"Den orörda stranden" finns kvar.

One of the first days the children asked when we were going to paint the playground again, we were thinking of doing it, but we didnt have time and color for doing it.

One night we ate beside salon communal. Helene orderd a vegetarian pizza, but we found some ham on it. I  told the waitress and she said no there is no ham. We showed her and she said but ist so little, it doesn´t matter. I wanted her to say we can do a new pizza for you, but she did not. So i decided to take more ham from Annas pizza and put it on Helenes before we left the place...

On the way home from Playa preciosa, singing ¿Que vas hacer esta noche? te invito a ser feliz, iremos a la luna, la ruta dímela tú...
puerto jimenez
making patacones
making patacones for dinner
We went with my family to playa guanabana (on the way to Matapalo) we met Olivias and Jaimes family there.
The best family ever! I was so happy to meet them again, my family were also so happy to have me there. I really feel that I have another family on the other side of the atlantic ocean
eldsystraralla familjer =)
Last night we invited our families for dinner at Monkeys. Here we are all together.

Postat av: anna

åhh vad mysigt att du har bloggat frida, det värmer i vinterkylan här i växjö, nu är det min tur... vi måste pratas vi snart!

2010-01-24 @ 16:17:29
Postat av: Helene

Vad du är duktig frida!! jag spånar på mitt blogginlägg.. :)

2010-01-24 @ 23:05:09
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