Sweet June

Nice Frida to see some pictures from your midsummer celebrations, and as I promised I will share some of mine! Emma I suppose you have had a great time in Costa Rica with Marce and the other guys! It must be quite unique that so many from the Swedish participants have returned to their friends in CR and you ticos should always be aware of that you are very welcome back to Sweden. We miss you.

June has soon passed, I've finished my second year at the University with good results but most of all I really love my classmates, they have been a huge part of my experience in Växjö and it's sad that we only have one year left together. No I'm working for almost nine weeks until the 15th of August...

I have not so much plans for the summer but hopefully I will hang out with some of the Swedes
if we get time to go to one of the biggest islands in Sweden to camp and swim in the sea.

And as you might have heard the Swedish crownprincess has got married.
It was a really beautiful weddding and a lot of love in the air.

Kisses and hugs to all of you! Take care!

Celebrating the last exam at Campus

Midsummer in Rydaholm

First swim

The Royal Wedding (källa: svenskdam.se)

Postat av: Marce

Sweet Anna!!!

Oh how much I miss you! :( it's so nice that you wrote here...

I'll try this weekend or soon, so much things to tell!!! :)


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Postat av: signe

hello! <3

2010-08-24 @ 20:16:31
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Postat av: anna r

nu får ni andra också ta och blogga. hallå jag vill se bilder från jokkmokk!

2010-08-30 @ 10:35:47
Postat av: Jossan

Hey! hur länge va du i costa rica? och vart? jag ska flytta till Manuel antonio ( puerto quepos) i 7 mån nu i okt.. Var där förra okt-april med. Helt underbart. Costa rica är ett fantastiskt land! hade vart kul att höra om puerto jimenez.. Har hört att de ska va fint!

Mvh Jossan

2010-09-02 @ 13:58:36
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