It’s been so long since I don’t write on the blog…


Today I didn’t go to work, I’m sick with a really bad flu and I had to take the day off. I’m in bed getting bored and trying to rest… hehe I just can’t do it!!! So, I decided to do what I’m always trying to…and yes! There you are!!! : ) some time for the blog!


So: Hello there! Now it’s been soooo long since I don’t write here…well, I’ll recognize I’ve been lazy to make it. But I’m always thinking about you…


Let’s see, the last time was in…April!!! Oooops! Hehe. So you know Emma came to visit us and it was lovely : ) we had a reunion to meet all the ticos, and went to La Fortuna to visit Arenal Volcano….ah! we also went to the movies to watch a Tico movie (Emma I’m sorry for that mistake! It was awful a complete disaster!!! Hehehe…I’m so ashamed about it) it was the worst movie I ever seen…But in fact, it felt like being back in time: TACK MIN BLODE KAKERLACKA! I can’t wait to see you again…And of course I’ll love to see the others too.


This last months went fast, lots of things to do. My grandmother had her 80th Birthday so we had a big family party; it was nice to meet all the relatives I don’t meet so often. I went back to school and again lots of homework and little time to make them; and I got a new job, luckily it’s close to the university and where I live so it’s easy to move around everything with a stretch schedule…


This month is our “patriotic month” we celebrate the Costa Rica’s Independence with parades in every community, I’m looking forward for that day : ) I like it…and I’ll have another family party. On November I’m going to Panama with the school, it will be lots of fun, I’ll tell you later how it went….


So, who will be the next one writing on the blog??? Miss you guys! Hope to read from you soon…Besitos a todos!!!


As old good times! :)
Ok...the old lady in the back is my grandmother. She danced for 1hour with the "Cimarrona"...Crazy!
This is on August 2nd...we celebrate "El día de la Negrita"
and walk from San José to Cartago to say thanks or ask a favor to the Virgin of Costa Rica

Postat av: f

nice to hear from you marce! I have been thinking of you and been wondering what ou are doing.

im going to write on the blog as soon as i have time!


2010-09-11 @ 17:44:08
Postat av: Helene

Great to see some signs of life on the blog! I will contribute, I promise!

2010-09-13 @ 23:03:43
Postat av: anna r

mee too, as soon as possible. i can't believe that it was such a long time ago i met you swedes :( always too much to do, and this autumn is the worst ever since i'm taking more advanced courses. Marce - i'll send you an email, you're the most loyal tica :) love you all <3

2010-09-14 @ 23:03:05
Postat av: Marce

Nice nice!!! =)

I'll meet Vero this weekend...tell you later! =P

2010-09-17 @ 06:08:12

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