nu, jag kan pratar lite svenska! :)

Hälsningar till alla!!! :)
Läget min kompisar!!!???
Jag saknar dig jätte mycket!!!
Vem kommer du till CR???
Hälsningar till alla!!! :)
Läget min kompisar!!!???
Jag saknar dig jätte mycket!!!
När kommer du till CR???
As you see, I've been trying to learn Swedish ;) too bad it's not going so good and I can barely say a few words hehe. I promise I'll do it better next time...OH BABES!!! I miss you a lot, can't wait to see you again.
It's one month left for this semester at school and I am so happy :) My career is almost finished, soon I'l be free to do whatever I want. Life has changed a little, still working in the same place and still studying the same thing. The only thing has changed is, and I guess all you of you knew about it but just in case, that I broke up with Angel. Nothing left to say than I'm pretty fine now, feeling good and having a good life. But girls! I accept invitations to meet your snygging friends! huhuhu :)
The rainy season has come to Costa Rica, this part of the year reminds me of Sweden, it's cloudy, a little foggy and you can feel some freshness in the air, just like the first days in Stockholm. Well, I know here is just a fresh air, there it was an f*cking freezing air :P
My family it's been fine, my sister seems so happy with her new kind of life...the bad thing is that I don't see her so often anymore. At least I'm not so much at home, so I don't miss her that much.
My friend and I are still dreaming about going back to Sweden next year, but every time I try to start with a real plan something happens and I postpone it. I hope next month I'll make it, so I can save some money and be there to visit my lovely friends.
Today I'm going to meet Vero and Fofo, we are going to go for dinner or so...I don't even remember the last time we met. Too bad! So I'll tell you later how it went.
What about you???...
Hope you write back soon....
Pussar och kramar!!!

Postat av: Helene

Marce!!! I promise to put up some pictures soon! Emma, David and his sister, Frida and I went on a Skåne roadtrip to see the cows being released for the summer. :)

How was the dinner?


2011-05-07 @ 17:37:40
Postat av: anna r

thank you for texting us earlier today, I got so surprised and happy :) love to you

2011-05-07 @ 23:24:08
Postat av: Marce

I can't wait to see the pictures, Jefa! :)

It was great to meet Vero and Fofo, we had an update of our lives...what about yours???

Pele el ojo!!! ;)

2011-05-09 @ 16:30:04

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