Un saludo navideño...


Hej Hej! Merry Christmas my lovely friends!!! And thanks to Helen for your pictures from the snow…brrrrrr, it seems to be cold in Sweden. Here it’s cold too, well it’s 16 degrees hehehe, but it isn’t usual for us… you know how it works here ;)


So I took a time to tell you a little about what is going on with me...


As I told you, I went to Panama with School. It was great!!! A very nice experience I would like to do again, but by airplane! 'cause 17hours sitting in a bus is not so nice for your ass...cri cri… :D


We had a meeting with the Chamber of Commerce of Panama, they gave us a conference about their economy and how it works in Panama, everything goes around services; the Panama Canal makes the country to live of logistics, imports and exports… We also went to the Canal and visited the locks. And of course, we also had fun!



My sister's wedding is getting closer, it feels weird, but we are very happy for her. By the way, I also have some pictures for her bridal shower…



I’m pretty fine, my family is growing old, as all of us I guess…my cousin’s son, Leo’s son, is two years old now, I remember at Falun when he told me his Wife was pregnant, now that small child takes all my energy every time I see him, he is sooo cute!!!



Some days ago I got my temporary driver’s license :) I’m so happy!!! Now, I have 3 months to practice a lot and then I’ll do like a “practical exam”, if I pass…then I’ll get my real drivers license, soooo, now Marce is on the road!


Well, now you know how I am...I miss you guys! Hope you all are fine...write back! or come back! that would be better :)


Puss puss y mucho amor!

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