Our first week in Costa Rica!!!!


At Arlanda

Eating burritos at newark airport, we had  to wait 20 hours. When we came to the airport Juan Santamaria the ticos met us and said that we were pale and looked sick.

Fofo, Helene y Jaime en Plaza de la Cultura en San Jose

Teatero Nacional

Playa Punta Uva en Puerto Viejo

We went to the carribean coast during christmas. Here we are eating icecream and fruit.

drinking pipa de coco

at Vero´s place

Mau drinking glogg

drinking glogg at 4 in the morning

que borrachos...

3:e advent

I just want to share some pictures from the last weeks here in Växjö. Except from all the normal studying where I'm writing a big essay in Service- and Relationshipsmarketing I have now also got welcomed to the new board of the Economics and Business associactiopn for students here at the University for 2010. We have had a lot of information, got a project manager education day and been out eating at a fancy restaurant down town with a party afterward here at Campus where my predecessor got me really drunk (!) hmm, but it was a nice evening...

Styrelsen 2010

Today I've mostly prepared for the journey, studied, taken a walk in the first falling snow, got some christmas feelings by drinking glögg and having a lussekatt :)

5 days left now...

Guess What!?

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