Back to Falun!

We (Frida and Helene) went to Falun for two days. It was winter and cold -12, -15 degrees. We had a great time and met some of the families. We didnt have time for everyone.  And arenan was closed. We went skiing in bjursås. It was strange to come back to falun for some days. It felt like the same when we all were together there. That we never left Falun in June. Nothing had changed, except the winter weather and that we missed you.

We miss you Eylin!!<3

hej då

Happy new year! From us to you all!


Click here to read and see pictures what Ivan is doing i Costa Rica. ( in swedish)

Merry Christmas everybody!!

A special gift to Andreycito! :D


to you all, my best friends!


During december i have been baking swedish christmas things. Pepparkakor (the ones that you tried at the first camp in Alajuela). And then Lussekatter.  Here are some photos.
   Baking "pepparkakor"
baking pepparkakor

Baking "Lussekatter"

Let's fockus!

Happy Birthday Mau!

Lots of love to you

Funny game and pictures!

Do you remember when we played this game outside salon communal in Jimenez?!


is not fun anymore

ELD at campus

As Frida said to me "you can live your life, light or right" and now I've finally found some courage to make contact with this guy. Om my good, maybe it was a terrible mistake, but it's better to find out what he thinks, than walking around just hoping that he would like me. So we'll see what happens... I hope I can inspire you to do some ELD:ing again.

It's already December, the months have passed so fast, I can't believe it. I have quite a lot to do in school so I'm keeping me busy. What about you? How are you doing?

Today's my youngest sister's birthday, she's turning thirteen wich is quite special, but she's also in that age when you think your older sisters are just embarrasing and you want to be cool with you friends!

Right now in this moment, I'm jumping around, like a crazy person, he just send me a sms, ahhhhhh!
What should I answer?

Take care all of you! I can't really focus on writing more now. It was a positive sms, so I won't jump out from my window! No don't worry i wouldn't have done that anyway. haha


Växjö University, School of Economics and Business

Me and Erica, my best friend here

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