Costa Rica's group reunion!

Costa Rica group reunion!
Today we had a reunion with part of the Costa Rica group....
When I came there, it was around 9:40 am, I met Jaime, Fofo, Luis and Maly...after me, came Fran, Vero, Mau, Nella Black, Roy and Nicole.
Meeting the group was so nice, some of us had one month without seeing each other, but there, we were together again. It felt so safe!!! we had part of our bubble...
Everybody began to talk about the experience and we remembered some of our good and funny times by the exchange.
After a while Leo came, pretty late!!! it was around 10:45 am (hmmm! getting used  to the Tico time...again)
We started the reunion. We talk about our feelings, goals and things that have changed after this program.
Yeees! I could hear some other people who was feeling the same, people who have changed their mind, way of thinking or ideals!!!
Aaah! I forgot to tell you that Nella Red came too, but after the reunion had started...
Leo said something very important, he said "No importa lo que ustedes quieran hacer ahora, sea aquí o en el extranjero, lo importante es que lo que hagan, los haga felices" (It's not important what you want to do now, here or abroad, the important thing is that whatever you do, makes you happy)
Ok, now what!? is it that easy? hmm i don't think so...One month have passed after one of my happiest periods in my life...but I'm sure this period won't be the last one, every day will be as happy as I can. Just trying to make an effort on doing happy things! :)
I hope it will work...
So guys! How are you? What are you doing? are you doing what you really want to do?...Please! think about that


Visiting Mona

A few days ago Emma and I went with the local bus outside Stockholm to visit Mona. We went to her summerhouse. It was a sunny day so we brought our swimming clothes. When we came off the bus Mona had told Emma that we had to go upwards from the big road. I asked Emma if she recognized the way but with her bad sense of direction she didn't. So we started to walk hoping that it was the right way. After a while we saw the  small red berries in swedish called smultron (I think that some of you tasted them). So we stopped and started picking them. There were so many.  Everywere!

After a while we found the right way to go. When we came to the beautiful house many family members were there, her sister and husband, children and grandchildren. We had a really nice day. We went for a walk, saw pictures from Puerto Jiménez and Falun, went with the family to the sea, we ate so good dinner!  For a moment everything felt normal, that you just were away somewhere but that we all were together as usual. 


Dancing in the moonlight

Yesterday Helene came to visit me and we had a nice little reunion, we cooked, talked about old memories, planned the future and ended the night at a so called "logdans" a party held in an old barn for country hicks (lantisar) as me.

There we danced a little bit to old awkward Swedish music mixed with hits from the 70's. I jumped on the trampolin outside and  drank som drinks from the bar where an old friend of mine was the bartender. Trust me I had no problems getting up today (yeah right), even though it got pretty late. Helene went home to Mönsterås yesterday night, since she is working today she couldn't sleep over.

I miss you a lot and I'm counting the days until I am going to meet the Swedish participants again! And for you ticos, take care and remember that it's not impossible that we will meet eachother again somehow somewhere...

RainiN in ParadiZe - Back To PJ!

5:05 am. I got off the taxi still half sleep and sit at the bus stop along the Interamerican road in Cartago to wait for the earlier bus that will take me to PJ after a 7 hrs ride to Rio Claro, 30 more minutes on a second bus to Golfito and, finally, 25 minutes on a boat ride along the Gulf.

Being here at the bus stop reminds me those days during November when I used to go down on my own to set up 7 work projects and host families! Now 8 months later I just can`t believe all the whole program just went past!

After some 5 hrs of bad sleep in buses I finally jump on the boat in Golfito. My first experience visiting just like any other tourist carrying my crappy surf board underneath my arm pit gets me into a conversation with a local guy that tries to figure where I'm coming from. Then he ends up offering me some w**d I don´t know why!

On the way to PJ I start talking to the boat man who kind of remembers me but doesn`t look quite sure, after a quick reminder about the group that used to pick up garbage in front of his house on PJ´s beach he gives a discount price on the boat ride! not bad way to star my visit back to PJ as I'm already broke just by covering the whole taxi/bus/bus/boat ride to get here!

As soon as I got off the boat I start finding the people I wanted to see, just getting into the football field I run into Doña Hercilia (Fofo's` and Karin`s host mother), who was in front of her little shop, so I greet her with a big hug. Unfortunately I can´t talk to her too long, its 2 pm already and some drops on my shoulders remind me that the afternoon rain is coming,

As I don´t want to get wet I run away, as usual, to Cafe La Onda, the meeting point! There I start finding the people, ticos and gringos, who really care about the Peninsula and as usual we get into a conversation about how things have been going for the last few months and answered some questions Sarah (the nice gringa) asked me about the group experience in Sweden,

After that, I put away all my stuff, borrowed Ana's bike and start going around town...but then it felt weird to go around without running into the participants as we always did...something was missing and it felt somehow lonely without them, so I decide to go to say hola to some other people we met in town. First, I stoped at Miguels (Emmas & Marces host uncle, "cri cri") who of course was working at Ronie`s El Tigre supermarket and as usual had some pics of young pretty girsl on his cell phone! Muy Miguel! 

Then I visited Doña Rita, (Anna`s and Vero's` host mother) who helped me a lot while I was looking for projects and families. Unfortunately she was not home but I spent some time talking to Catalino (who just like Vero always has something to say!) and Rita's neighbours next door who remember the work the group did around the playground and inquired about where they were now!

I didn´t want to give up on my goal to see some families so decide to go to Teresa`s home, Luis & Fridas host family, who even tough looked surprise with my visit welcomed me with a big smile and invited me to seat on the leaving room of her nice wooden house. While we were talking Don Evaristo showed up so I don`t miss the opportunity to thank the family one more time for the nice time we had while visiting their farm during Easter...

On my way back to town I decided to visit Doña Patricia (Jaimes and Oivias family), where I find Gaby (Teresa's daughter). While we were talking Doña Patricia and her husband got to the house and asked me about the time the group spent in Sweden so I told them about the good relation their host kids had at the end of the program so we just laugh about the days when Olivia and Jaime were driving each other crazy in PJ,

At night, I and the teachers from the gringo private school decide to go for dinner to the new bar/restaurant in town, Sarpes, which is located underneath of what used to be our apartment in town. There we spent a nice time just talking until around 9 when we find Roger, the Englishman who took us to his house for Helen's and Eylin's ED, and Margot, from Lapa Rios, on the bar having some drinks! Good excuse to spend some more time there! Unfortunately for me our bar crew was not completely as the crazy Belgium guy, Filip, was on his way back home for a short visit,

Next day, I woke up kind of late so it was time for some Pinto con huevos from the colectivos` little soda. Even though the morning had been very sunny as soon as I got to the restaurant at around 1 it started to rain. It definitely was a different PJ to the one we were used to, the rainy season was here every day!

As I was enjoying my Pinto with 2 certified happy eggs :) a chunk of cheese from happy caws :), a salad and some Tamarindo juice I noticed that they had gotten a brand new big colectivo truck for the rainy season. I didn't ask what happened with the other crappy pickup trucks we used to ride to Matapalo as I had to run away to line up for a couple of hours at the bank coz the ATM was not working those days,

On the way there I found a really nice guy who I had been looking for since the day b4, Diego, Emmas PJ`s boy. As we were talking I realized that he almost knew more about the group than I did as he kept himself up to date with the latest info and pictures going on the web on facebook and the PJ group!

The next in day I managed to wake up early but the ocean didn´t want to give me any good waves in Matapalo so I spent the time laying on the board thinking about the nice days there with the group, like the visit to Lapa Rios or the weekend some of us finally found the nice waterfall,

Back in PJ, that day it was Reggae night, good time to find more of the bar crew I wanted to see, at the end those people were the more close thing to a family Anna Oh and I had while there! It was sad though that crazy Canadian was away on a kayak tour that weekend,

At the end the night was not as fun as when we all used to go, again something was missing, so I realized that many other people was missing beside the crazy Canadian and Belgian it was time to go back to bed,

The last day in town was definitely a nostalgic one...many thoughts went through my head as I walked to the harbour to catch the 12 am boat...for a moment I wished it was November for real, I was just looking for the projects and the families and we were given the opportunity to live and experience all the good times together again...


12 días después

12 days after and I'm still trying to get used to my "normal" life. Guys! you turned in part of me and now it's really hard to be without you. Some of you said that we left you, that we went away and yes, it was like that. But when we left, a big part of me stayed with you, my best memories, my best days, my best feelings, everything that you gave me and made me grow up stayed with you, you made me a better person.

12 days after and I'm still trying to realize all the great moments that we had together, and everytime I think about that I appreciate more every day that we experienced as a group, as friends.

12 days after and I'm still missing all of you!

I miss Fika con Frida!

I miss Olivia and her beautiful smile and dances!
I miss Kaaaarin! and her funny faces

I miss Anna R and her smart ideas and blue eyes

I miss Emma! mi macha cucaracha, mi terroncito de azúcar

I miss Helene my JEFA!!! a brave girl!
I miss Anna O the wonderwoman who planned part of this program
...and of course...
I miss Ivan: my boy! my love!

For the ticos it's easier to meet each other, but it wont be the same. The relationship that we had all together is not going to be the same anymore, but at least we had it.

12 days after and I'm still trying to start again, yes, maybe with the same family, friends, studies, routine...but it wont be the same after you, because now I have you and you have part of me, now you are part of my life.
Thanks for all the moments, for everything, for being there...and now that we are apart it's time to prove that we are together. Just keep talking!!! Just keep talking!!! Don't get lost, please. I miss you all, and I want to know about you.

12 days the distance, you are with me!

Love u all!

mitt nya eller gamla liv

Nu har det gått mer än en veckan sen vi sa hejdå. Känns som evigheter. Som om allting vi varit med om  tillsammans bara varit en underbar dröm.  Allting här hemma är sig så likt, det har bara stått still medan jag varit borta.

Jag har faktiskt tagit tag i mina saker nu och packat upp, tvättat och nästan städat mitt rum. Så nu kan jag få finbesök från er!! Jag har träffat Emma en hel del också. I måndags när det spöregnade gick vi runt på stan och fikade. Sen på kvällen var jag hemma hos henne, åt god middag, såg på aladdin, spela spel och sov över. På tisdagen var det fint väder så då gick vi ner och badade men det var så sjukt kallt, krampaktigt. På kvällen var vi på parkteatern (gratis utomhusteater), en teater som vi inte förstod oss på...

Jag har träffat mina andra vänner också, gått promenad och suttit i parker. Ätit glass. Jag har även redan fått två samtal från mitt jobb som undrar när jag kommer tillbaka...

Igår så låtsades jag och emma att vi var turister. Eller det blev bara så. Vi gick runt i gamla stan och skulle sätta oss någonstans och äta. När vi väl hittar ett ställe så frågar de om vi vill ha menyn på svenska eller engelska. Engelska. Vi hade jättekul.

Idag tror jag att jag ska ta mig ut till landet, vila och ha det skönt. Träffa mina föräldrar. Dit är ni också mer än gärna välkomna.


minnen från Costa Rica

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