Crabman celebrates his birthday today!

Damn, you're getting old man!
25 next year, see ya in da cabin up north!

Liten har blivit stor, Eylin 19 år!


Here are some pictures from our stop at Gotland during our roadtrip. Gotland is Sweden´s biggest island and a true paradise during the summer, with amazing beaches and a lot of historical and cultural monuments to visit. Visby is the name of the largest town on the island, and it's a beautiful small town, with narrow streets, lots of roses and friendly people with a funny accent. Gotland is famous for its' sheeps and old stone monuments called "raukar" wich are amazing to watch during sunset and sunrise. Gotland is the perfect destination for a summer vacation. Haha, this may sound as traveling catalogue ad !







Hi everybody!
We have started our roadtrip in Sweden together. For the m oment we are six in Annas house in Virserum. Anna, Ivan, Helene, Olivia, Karin and Frida. We started our trip for 3 days ago. Yesterday we met Anna O in Malmö and then we went to Ystad to Karins house. Today we are going to the beach and then we are going with boat to Gotland.

PUSSAR from us!

Vi saknar er och älskar er!!!!!!!

Jaime 19!

Happy Birthday mae :)

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