A nice weekend with friends :)

Hello everybody!
Last weekend I went with some friends to a Cabin up to San José de la Montaña, it's close to where I live; so not so far from city. This is the place a talked about to Anna Riberth :) We were celebrating my friend's birthday and having some fun. Hope you like the pictures.

Hacienda SantaRosa

It has a beautiful backyard

and a small bridge by the gardens

Some of my friends saying Hello!

This was the most cosy place of the house, even more at night....

My friend Diana making some Café, we needed something to warm up ;)

Vivi and Román, really nice friends!

He is Esteban, the one who was celebrating his birthday

A love this pic, all the boys singing "Un amigo es una Luz" to Esteban.
They do it for each birthday, is kind of a ritual

Then "Popi" (the one with the guitar) started to sing, his sings really
really really nice.

And Vivi, one of my best friends...

So, tell me if you like the place, and maybe we could go there...
These coming 2 weeks are really really hard in school, so now I need to study a lot.
Hope to know about you soon...miss you!!!!


Do you remember this?

Måndag 16 Juni 2008
Utbytta möttes i Falun.


Weekend in Linköping

Two weekends ago I went by train to Linköping, another town with a lot of students to visit some friends and to spend som time with Olivia. I had just finished an exam so it was so nice to leave campus for a while and have a good time with your friends! Linda and Edina are my old classmates from junior high and we're all from the same place back home so nowadays we do not meet that very often, to bad. The weekend was totally perfect and during the Sunday I catched up with Olivia to have lunch and do some shopping at the mall before I went back home.

Me, Edina and Linda

Having fika


Old friends watching "Sound of Music" at home in the sofa

In the city

Miss you, but i'll come back to Linköping another time!



Luis 20 años, 17 october

It's fall and I like it!

Walking in colorful leafs on my way to school...

In one and a half week I'll go to see Olivia in her new hometown, nice!
I promise I'll bring the camera. 73 days left to paradise, by the way...

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