Happy New Year's greetings from Puerto Jimenez!

Now has almost one week passed here in Pto Jimenez. We're enjoying the sun and the beaches every day. We have met Diego and Mau loco and some of the host families. Anna and Helene are living at Doña Rita's house, Andrey at Doña Sandra's and Fofo and Frida at Doña Teresa's. 

Liberal Swedes changing on the beach..

A lapa!

Reunion with Mau and Diego at Juanita's!

We missed the collectivo back from Mata Palo on New Year's Eve and had to walk 15 km back.. We kept our good moods pretty well!

A beautiful view at Playa Pandulce in Mata Palo!

Que pavilla! :D

Reunion at Kärsögården!

Just the five of us

We miss you

A swan

Exams are approching

The autumn has arrived in Skåne, the mornings are really cold now and it's growing darker by each day. My first big exams in maths and chemistry are less than two weeks away, so I'm a bit stressed. I've also just moved to a new apartement together with my friend Sayran. We really like this place, though everything is a mess right now!
I went to the CIU reunion last week-end, it was wonderful to see Ivan, Frida, Anna and Anna again. I also drank a cup of coffee with Olivia in the afternoon sun yesterday! Spending time with you makes me so happy!
I think about all you guys a lot! I miss you so much and wish you were here with me!
I promise to be better at keeping in touch with you after my exams!  :)
Lots and lots of love, Helene

Malarfarg och pinata!

Hej allihopa!
Tiden gar sa otroligt fort har, kan inte tro att om en manad anlander vi i Falun! Allting rullar pa sa fint har! I helgen hade vi Community days da vi rustade upp Puerto Jimenez lekpark. Under hela lordagen gravde vi och flyttade karuseller och lekstallningar, sandpapprade och plockade skrap. Under sondagen fick vi antligen ga los med malarfargen, sa nu ar lekparken mycket farggladare och roligare, aven om den inte ar helt klar an. Nar vi slutade blev vi bjudna pa barnkalas hos grannbarnet. Bevittnade min forsta pinata och hela gruppen fick mat och Stalmannentarta.
Idag, mandag, var det tillbaka pa jobbet i gymnasiet igen. Min parkamrat Eylin och jag planerade morgondagens 4-timmars engelskalektion pa formiddagen, men efter lunch gick lararna i strejk. Har agnat eftermiddagen pa stranden at att forbereda morgondagens gruppmote, med temat feminism. Karin, Olivia och jag ska halla lite aktiviteter om jamstalldhet och harskartekniker.
Annars ar allt bara bra har. Nasta vecka ska hela gruppen till nationalparken Corcovado torsdag till sondag. Det ser vi fram emot jattemycket.
Manga halsningar till Monte Verde-gruppen!
Kramar fran Helene

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