and I'm back, Oh yes!

And it's time to write down something in here again, it's been a long time since I don't say anything. So I think I should.

As some of you know, the rain has come already. The days are gray and a little bit sad, but it's nice to stay at home and fall sleep with the sound of the rain. It's also nice to walk down the rain sometimes, when you know you're going right home, to change your clothes and just watch TV or read something. I think we had a long dry season, I almost don't remember a year with a sunny April; and well, it was good. Now it's time to give the chance to the rainy season :)

School is almost over. These 3 coming weeks are the last ones and the hardest. But then, some vacations to recover and get the energy for the rest of the year :) Uuuuuuuuuuuh I'm looking forward for a whole week waking up late! He he...

This week we had the national football championship and this time the finalists were HEREDIA! and Liberia (from Guanacaste), two totally different teams from the ones of always, Saprissa and La Liga. So, it was crazy, people walking around, or by car, all dressed up with red and yellow clothes (from Heredia of course!), shops giving discounts to people who could show something of Heredia team. Ha ha ha! That was really funny; it's crazy what people do to sell. The bad thing was that Heredia lost!!! :( buuuuuuuuuu!!!

Finally I've talked to Emma: la Castaña Araña! You look guapilla with that hair color! He he. But now I don't know how to call you, cause I always said macha, so I think I'll change to exmacha wuahahaha!!!...I miss you a lot!!! It was really nice to talk to you at least for a while.

About the others...Hmmmm, what can YOU say??? I know it's hard to say something, I'm here seating in front of the computer almost collapsing, cause it's hard to know what would you like to know, or if you want to know it he he...Well, I hope at least you'll read this and remember me for a moment. I always do it! Like today, Jason Mraz was in the Costa Rican news, they were saying he's here having some vacations, and he's down in Corcovado! He he, just next to where we lived together...Oh yes!

I miss you babes! TONS! And I'm just waiting for December, to see you again...I promise I'll try to find more things to tell...It's just that life now it's a little boring. It'll get better...

Ah! this is something I found in my computer he's me, when I was cute ;)

Ha det så bra!!!
Puss och kram...


Miss you

Happy birthday Emma 23!

You are always on my mind!

Dear Friends!

I started to look back in time, on our six months together. I read what we have written on the blog and in my diary, it was so nice to remember everything. Remember our friendship that we had and that we still have!! I remember our last days together, when we cried, laugh and hugged each other in a big circle. When we at 03.30 in the morning started to dance around the midsummer pole, singing "små grodorna" for the last time. 

I still miss you so much! Now when the spring is here i remember our time in Falun, when we were at kolgårn, played kubb and brännboll. When we saw Eurovision song contest at annas and veros house, do you remeber the spanish song? On Saturday it is Eurovision again. When we saw football together at arenan. Our educational days! I have so many happy memories with you!

You are my best friends! I never forget when we did the thing with Leo in Sundborn, when he talked about our friendship and we were in a circle and hold our hands. And then we turned around and he said that we still are going to have this friendship, but we are not going to be together anymore, that was hard to understand. When I think of it i feel sad. Now we are in that situation, we are so far away from each other but we still have contact, i am so happy of that!  i hope we continue in that way.

Now I don't know what to write. I just wanted to say hello and that I miss you all and you are always on my mind! Hope to hear from you soon!

Pussar och kramar!!!!!!!


Valborg! Spring break and fancy dinner

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Champagne breakfast
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Champagne shower

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Chicas lindas

United colors of Swy Costa Rica 2008

The ultimate reunion during christmas and new years eve in 2009! Here we come... If you haven't already heard about it, me, Frida and Helene bought our tickets to Costa Rica earlier this week. I can't believe it, a lot of my saved money is gone but it's so totally worth it! I'll work hard all summer long thinking abou seeing you ticos in December. Vero - sis I'm coming back! - I don't think you visit our blog that very often - but you should :)

We will hopefully arrive on the 20th of December and I'm going back the 7th of January (because of school) but Hlene and Frida are staying a little longer... There are some rumors aswell saying that even Juana and Olivia will join us during christmas, ahhhh! It couldn't be better, well.... Ivan, Karin and Emma.... don't feel any pressure ;)

Love to everybody! pura vida. hasta luego.

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