Meeting Helena

A few days ago Helena came to Stockholm to see AC/DC at Globen.  I met Helena for some hours for lunch. It was nice to hear about everything in Falun and Arenan. I felt that I really miss Falun and the people at Arenan and just being with you (the group). Another group Sweden/India exchange are coming next month and are going to be at Arenan. 

Helena miss you all and she hopes you all are doing well!

helena o frida

Happy birthday to you!


falun marce

Hope you have a great day on your 20th birthday!!!!
PUSSAR OCH KRAMAR from cold Sweden

Happy Valentine's Day

Funny weekend in the south of Sweden!

This weekend we ate a lot of food, you can see that on the pictures... It was a really funny too meet karin, Anna, Juana, Helene and Emma. Every time when i meet someone from the exchange i feel so good and happy afterwards. It's like walking around on clouds the days after (swedish expression). And then i feel alone again...
KarinEmma och Anna
heleneFirstnightinLundDomyrkan i Lund
The old church in Lund
Alla i Lund
Anna emmaFrida o Anna
Meeting Anna at the indian resaturant in Malmö
eating icecreamHelene eating icecreameating chocolateEating icecream, bananas and chocolate in Juanas apartment
playing the game när och fjärran playing när och fjärran
Thinking a lot while playing the game när och fjärran.
the game när och fjärranPlaying

AnnaAnna helene karin fridaHelene, anna, karin frida

anna emma

We miss you!

At Inkonst
Karinemma frida
Frida eating
Eating brunch at Glassfabriken
Anna eatingEating candy...emma anna fridaEmma frida in lund
Hej då!


I will put up some photos from the weekend!
/ Frida

 Anna, Frida, Karin Helene

Crazy nights in the south!

Last weekend we had a great reunion in Lund and Malmö, me, Helene, Frida, Emma, Karin and Juana. It was so nice to see everybody again, I had not seen Emma since the day we said goodbye at Kärsögården, and she appeared tanned and had a lot to tell from her journey to Mexico.

We arrived Friday afternoon and went home to Helene's appartement and met her roommate Seiram ( I'm not sure that's the right spelling) but she was just as nice, as Helene had told me before. We went out to eat at a restaurant and ended the night at a bar called Ariman were we had a beer or a glass of wine and just talked for a while.

In Saturday we woke up late (everybody except from Helene who was writing an exam in school, poor girl!) I'm not going to tell you about Karin's crazy night. haha. Later this day we walked in to town, for some sightseeing in central Lund, we saw the beautiful church and went to systemet (the liquer store) to buy alcohol. We got really hungry and bought bread to eat, haha, typical students with not that much money, walking down the street eating bread, holding a plastic bag from systemet! Alcohol is always a priority...

Well, we took the train to Malmö, where we met Juana, ate indish food, played a party game, with geographical questions. Frida was really talented, she knew a lot about flags and different destinations :) We changed  clothes and got a little prettier than usual ready for the nightlife in Malmö city! We went to a club called Inkonst, which was really cool (much more cool than me) but as cool as Kaaaarin!  The music were something called "dubstep" and had a lot of base and beat. Around half past three in the middle of the night we got out, ate a falafel and walked the street, it was really cold and snowing, we were all freezing so it was rally nice to get into Juana's appartement and get prepared to get to bed.

I think we fell asleep around 05.30! Us girls and Baltasar (Juana's sister's dog, who by the way is sending a special hello for you Mau :-) ) Sunday, we had a delicious brunch at "glassfabriken" before we said goodbye to the ones living in Malmö and went back to Lund. After drinking tea and coffee at Helene's place it was time for me to leave with the train for Växjö. So we had another sad farewell on a train station :( but hopefully we'll meet again for a trip to Berlin during eastern!

Tomorrow Ivan is returning from Costa Rica! I'm sure that he has a lo to tell! Karin is leaving for Africa on Friday to follow her dream about african dance, good for here!

Lots of love to you ticos! kärlek from suecia

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