Vad är det för en dag?

Jo vår allas lilla Frida fyller 21 idag!
Det firar vi lite extra när vi ses nästa vecka :)

Grattis på födelsedagen Andreycito!!! Dios!

Happy Bday MamiTica!!!! ♪

Feliz cumpleaños a Veeeeeeedo!!! ♥

Lofoten and Abisko

I few weeks ago I went to north of Sweden and Norway with my parents. We went to Lofoten in Norway and then to Abisko in Sweden for two weeks. I saw the midnight sun for the first time, it was incredible. walking around outside at twelve o'clock in the night and still it was daylight.

Here are some pictures:

I was in the black area

Norway- Lofoten area

Dried fish


Midnight sun

Back to Sweden, Abisko and the small mountains...


Rissajaure -"Trollsjön". One of the most visibility lakes in the world.


Lapporten - Abisko


Pictures from the Hultsfred festival!

Fired up, ready to go!

My cousin

Hanna and me

The Sounds concert

Rubber boots are good when it's raining

Specially for Helene ;)

Festival feelings

Me and Angelica

Sahara Hotnights


At the east coast of Sweden

Earlier this week I visited Helene in Mönsterås! We had a great time together, just relaxing. In the afternoon we went to Oknö to have a swim, and we were the only ones at the beach since it was raining! haha We ended our lovely day together with some fika!

Trying to show the ticos my Imperial-towel, but it's too windy

Not as cold as it looks like

Helene throwing herself into the blue

Fika :)

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