3:e advent

I just want to share some pictures from the last weeks here in Växjö. Except from all the normal studying where I'm writing a big essay in Service- and Relationshipsmarketing I have now also got welcomed to the new board of the Economics and Business associactiopn for students here at the University for 2010. We have had a lot of information, got a project manager education day and been out eating at a fancy restaurant down town with a party afterward here at Campus where my predecessor got me really drunk (!) hmm, but it was a nice evening...

Styrelsen 2010

Today I've mostly prepared for the journey, studied, taken a walk in the first falling snow, got some christmas feelings by drinking glögg and having a lussekatt :)

5 days left now...

Postat av: Marce

Hmmmmm Anna borracha??? XD

I've started to feel ants or butterflies or any kind of insect in my stomach...I can't realize that is next sunday that you're arriving here...CRAZY!!! ♥

2009-12-14 @ 02:05:29
Postat av: anna r

hey, i am not an alcoholic! haha <3

2009-12-14 @ 10:33:08
Postat av: Helene

6 days left!!!! :D

2009-12-14 @ 22:38:27

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