Celebrating my sister's graduation from high school

I  thought I should share some photos of my family with you, last friday my sister graduated from high school and now in june it's also two years ago since Frida, Olivia, Helene and me graduated aswell. That was a wonderful day, a bit sad of course but most of all a day of freedom. I remember it as if it was in yesterday. This week I've been helping out home at the farm and next week I'll start to work for real, it's also the week for midsummer celebrations wich makes me think a lot about you guys. In six months we're going to Costa Rica but before that in August the Swedes will do a trip together from the south of Sweden up north to visit Ivan! Love to everybody, let's keep in touch!

Me, my youngest sister Lisa and our father

My mother and my sister Malin who is graduating

Some posing

Eating at our house

Postat av: Anonym

nice see some photos

2009-06-11 @ 21:23:54
Postat av: Anonym

/ frida

konstig mening

2009-06-11 @ 21:24:33
Postat av: Marce

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeei!!! pero que guapas! :)

2009-06-12 @ 01:46:15

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