Min midsommar!

Hello everybody!
This is what i did during midsommar. I missed you very much when we were dancing around the midsummerpole, singig små grodorna and other songs. We went swimming in the sea, it was really cold, it was 12 degreece.

My friends, Kalle, Petronella and Annelie They were celebrating midsummer with me and my family.

Here we are kalle, Annelie, Petro and Me, ready for dance and rain, a few minutes earlier it was raining a lot. Typical in sweden, rain and sun...

The midsummerpole, its different from Dalarna (Falun)

Dancing around the pole.

Playing a game, called varpa, its a game from Gotland the big island outside sweden.

Me and my sister

Annelie, Kalle and me dancing in the evening.

The last day on our way home, it was really hot and sunny.

Postat av: Marce

lindas fotos! :)

2009-06-22 @ 18:05:41
Postat av: Helene

Vad härligt att se din midsommar Frida! Ser fint ut!

2009-06-24 @ 14:35:45

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