One year ago...

Hi people...One year ago was when we said bye bye...and most of us cried, it was so sad!!!
It is so hard to realize that the end was 365 days ago....pipipipipi
Anyway some of you guys are going to Costa Rica and we`re going to be :) very much.

                         Here I am at the university with my friend showing her the pictures from the blogg and telling her the cool time we had together.

well....see you.

Grrrr: I told once but I will say it againg......pipipipi
meca en la chapi por el año tan rapido q jaleas

Postat av: Marce

jaja...quién demonios escribió esto? se vale que pusieran el nombre...

Who the hell wrote this?

2009-06-26 @ 22:22:45
Postat av: Anonym

yo fofito. que ofusque marce tranki

2009-06-26 @ 23:43:58
Postat av: Marce

x la pachucada, ya lo sospechaba...jaja

no no, pa la prox ud puede poner el nombre mongo! xq sino quedamos bateados jua jua

2009-06-27 @ 00:11:53
Postat av: frida

nice to hear from you fofo!!

miss you!

2009-07-05 @ 10:42:25

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