A nice weekend with friends :)

Hello everybody!
Last weekend I went with some friends to a Cabin up to San José de la Montaña, it's close to where I live; so not so far from city. This is the place a talked about to Anna Riberth :) We were celebrating my friend's birthday and having some fun. Hope you like the pictures.

Hacienda SantaRosa

It has a beautiful backyard

and a small bridge by the gardens

Some of my friends saying Hello!

This was the most cosy place of the house, even more at night....

My friend Diana making some Café, we needed something to warm up ;)

Vivi and Román, really nice friends!

He is Esteban, the one who was celebrating his birthday

A love this pic, all the boys singing "Un amigo es una Luz" to Esteban.
They do it for each birthday, is kind of a ritual

Then "Popi" (the one with the guitar) started to sing, his sings really
really really nice.

And Vivi, one of my best friends...

So, tell me if you like the place, and maybe we could go there...
These coming 2 weeks are really really hard in school, so now I need to study a lot.
Hope to know about you soon...miss you!!!!


Postat av: Frida

its beautiful!!! I think we should go there, it wpuld be so nice!

2009-11-01 @ 18:21:46
Postat av: anna r

the place seems to be amazing!! love

2009-11-01 @ 18:40:20
Postat av: Helene

Wow it looks wonderful!! He must be really rich! ;) I would love to go there! I miss u!! Puss!

2009-11-02 @ 17:47:57
Postat av: Fofo

Con amiguitas asi (las suyas) mejoraria la madre!!!

2009-11-05 @ 00:44:56
Postat av: Marce

Nice girls! We'll see then :)

Fofo, portese bien y le llevo una! ;)

2009-11-05 @ 04:21:23

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