Kramar de estocolmo

Hello my friends!
How are you doing?

Today it's a sunny day in Stockholm, the birds are singing and I am happy that finally the dark period is gone!  Today its vårdagjämning/vernal equinox/ equinoccio de primavera. The day and night are equal long and the light is coming back!

I have been thinking this week what to write and I still don't know. These weeks I have been thinking about my future. I still don't know what to do and what I'm going to do next semester. If I'm going to continue work or start studying, but I'm still not sure what I want to study. I hate to take decisions. Me, Anna and Helene have been thinking of going back to Costa Rica this winter in Dec/Jan. Hopefully  it will happen soon we are going to decide, but it's really expensive!

Tonight I will meet Emma. She is on a visit in Stockholm, it's going to be so fun to meet her after some weeks and hear what is happening in her life. This weekend it's also reunion at kärsögården with CIU, but no one of us are going.

Besos, pussar, abrazoz y kramar para todos! Take care!

utsikt över parken
A few days ago it was a beautiful sunset from the window


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